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Erasmus Erasmus Profile:. Once as a youth, I was one of those rare people who read the Bible from cover to cover. Many parts of the book were unexpectedly detailed and broached topics that seems ridiculous to even consider. The world we see is the world that is. How can it be any other?

Kinkajou Kinkajou Face :. The world is a complex place. But all too often people need to see to believe. This is good as that the basis of the scientific method. However, for some people seeing is not believing either. Many people believe in aliens, but many more do not believe that mankind has ever walked upon the moon. So some people would say almost any proof is not good enough.

Erasmus Erasmus Profile:. The Bible accepted evolution in the opening chapters of Genesis. My personal interpretation is that evolution occurs very rapidly and in a stepwise fashion at times due to large-scale reorganizations of gene exons (producing specific proteins), and gene introns (controlling the actions of the protein producing machinery).

Goo Goo :. Not quite mono-genic Darwinism and natural selection.

Kinkajou Kinkajou Face :.
We have talked before how the control segments of the genes (introns)
are even more important than the gene products from the genes, (exons). The evolution of the control segments is probably the most important change in evolution. The ingredients must often be the same, but it is how it all works together that really makes the difference.

Erasmus Erasmus Profile:. The Bible states that God made man in his own image. The Bible witnesses that human beings and angels were capable of having children. They were inter-fertile. They must therefore be the same species. Thus it would be impossible to tell apart the skeletal remains of a God from that of a man. It is the DNA that makes the man and the creature.

Original Sin
Original Sin

Kinkajou Kinkajou Face :. I have always wondered about  the concept of original sin.

Erasmus Erasmus Profile:. I think that the “original sin” is real. I have come to believe that the original sin of God and the Angels was the “theft” of advanced personality genes via extra-  terrestrial human beings. (Human beings who have been taken from here to another planet, - adapted for their purposes required and who then returned to planet Earth.)

It is Advanced DNA which is instrumental in creating advanced civilisation. The advanced genes from God and the angels are like to be advanced "personality genes". Genes that fundamentally change the behaviour of the organism. Simple genes with vast effects on human behaviour and the development of first human civilisation of Sumeria.

Advanced personality genes do not change the intelligence of the organism, but they fundamentally change the behaviour of the animal. I believe the advanced personality genes consist of: slow histamine genes, fast noradrenaline genes, high serotonin genes, and low opioid sensitivity genes. These are the key genes of personality which have enabled civilisation. Human "Jophur"- commanding genes and deciding genes. ( See David Brin ; author : Startide Rising).

Co-operative Co-operative


I think there is another aspect as well. Human beings bear the markers of servility. Humans are made to serve and made to cooperate and made to work with others, much in the same fashion as dogs have been engineered to serve humans. Visit our personality site to read about the action of the power genes of personality. and

These other gene variants which promote servility and cooperative work –are all important characteristics for a slave race of the Dominants – but important characteristics as well for the cooperative development of a civilisation.


Unfortunately for our old acquaintances,(we shall call them the Dominants), this cooperative attitude - humans being willing to work together, guarantees the rapid growth of a civilisation. Humans like to help each other and to please each other. And this may not be a feature of many other intelligent species. The scenario the Dominants seek to avoid is the emergence of a superior competitor. This antipathy is what God and the Angels truly fear.

Goo Goo :. I see. The key technology is in the minds of the human people. And cooperative helpful people working together would indeed be seen as a threat, especially if they breed quickly.


Kinkajou Kinkajou Face :. You’ve mentioned the longevity of the patriarchs (the children of Adam) in the Bible. On our “aliens” site we discussed in detail about the patterns that can be seen by analysing the graphs of the ages.

Erasmus Erasmus Happy:. True. The next unusual observation originating in the Bible was the longevity of the patriarchs of the Bible. By graphing the ages of death of the patriarchs, it becomes obvious that there are several plateaus in their longevity.

One plateau occurs about the 900-year-old age mark.
Another plateau occurs at the range of 380 to 420 years.
Another plateau occurs at around the 130 to 150 the age range.
And there is another plateau which does not appear on the graph. It is the current life expectancy of threescore and 10 years in biblical terms – the situation today.

These plateaus suggest introduction of three agents into the human population with life reducing capacity. These plateaus suggest that there is some sort of logistical constraint acting in the creation of these plateaus. This information is present on our alien site and we have reproduced these specific pages on this site because they are critically relevant to consideration of the PaillPlus theory.

Patriarchs of Bible
Patriarchs of Bible

Commandant Commandant:. In military terms, a plateau in ages suggests a "logistic gap" and would to me imply transport difficulties and a need to develop/build resources.

Kinkajou Kinkajou Face :. The resource that was developed as we discussed in our site is likely a bacterium.

Erasmus Erasmus Happy:. The Bible gives a clue as to what the first of these agents may be. The first agent appeared after the Great Flood – the Deluge .The Bible gives the story of confounding the speech of men. This is sufficient to identify the first causative organism – Paill itself.

Goo Goo :. I can understand the Dominants wanting to stop the appearance of a new competitor to their species. and what better way than to shorten their lifespan and to limit their intelligence and memory.

But, to do its work, the Germ must have a number of special features. It must be efficient – infecting everyone. It must not lose its genetic programming over time. It needs to be insidious and stealthy so no one even suspects that inimical action is being taken. To draw attention to adverse events, is to focus one’s resources and energies and intelligence on stopping the progress of adverse events. Successful stealth is the key to avoiding this.

Dr XxxxxDr Xxxxx :. The Paill bacteria is one of the most chronic diseases on the planet. It has a lag time between infection and symptoms of up to decades, but it can be producing effects within 12 months.

I remember a university professor telling everyone in his class that over 90% of adults carry immunity to the infection. He interpreted this as everyone catching infection, but their immunity fighting off the illness. I remember thinking in class “how is it possible that one of the most chronic insidious diseases on the planet, infects almost everyone and then just goes away? as the professor seemed to intimate  The professor indictaed that it is only an unlucky few who are ever symptomatic, and those predominantly in the Third World.”

Kinkajou Kinkajou Face :. So tell us about Paill.

Dr XxxxxDr Xxxxx :.The disease (Paill) enters the nose, infects the nerves and then spreads through the cribriform plate at the base of the skull into the frontal lobes of the brain. The symptoms commonly experienced are therefore symptoms of frontal lobe brain damage.

Goo Goo :. That is a large range of illnesses. It seems almost cover every psychiatric disease in brain problem on the planet.

Erasmus Erasmus Profile:. Common diseases cause common symptoms. Not a very complex explanation .

Goo Goo :. But insightful in the circumstances.

Dr XxxxxDr Xxxxx :. It is easy to identify a Paill Spectrum affected person. When they are cross linking memories to that extent, usually the lights are going out and there is no one home. The thought processes are degenerating and becoming what is called “concrete”. Reasoning is disturbed, emotions are flattening off, and there are often substantial signs of physical un-wellness evident.

Blanked Kid Blanked Kid, Flattened Affect
Dr XxxxxDr Xxxxx :. The symptoms are different depending of the age of the affected person. The infection causes the most damage in the most actively growing/actively developing parts of the brain. This means that causes different syndromes depending on the severity of the infection, the age of the person, and immune status of the person involved. It does not look like a single disease.

Paill is a predominantly nerve infection in all the early stages. The largest accumulation of nerves the body lies within the brain, where the infection starts. The most basic way to approach understanding Paill is to consider the single statement: Changes in behaviour are due to changes in structure and function of the brain. There is no known cause for any mental illness or cognitive developmental disorder.

Goo Goo :. Perhaps its magic.

Erasmus Erasmus Happy:. Sorry, but I am forever a prisoner of the world of cause and effect. Things happen in the body because  biochemical machinery within the immune system does its job. Damage is caused. Irritation is caused. Collateral damage occurs. The path of growth and development is altered. Cause and Effect.

Dr Axxxx Dr Axxxx:. Our brain controls our behaviour. Paill is the predominant agent causing nerve injury in human beings. It does a good job too.











Erasmus Erasmus Profile :. Team leader.

Erasmus Erasmus Happy:. Team leader.

Goo Goo :. Goo the Numbat is a simple soul, almost the last of his species. He shares his perspective on life with us humans.

Commandant Commandant:. In Charge of our Security. Strict and unyielding.

Beethoven and Frobisher Beethoven Frobisher:. Our security bully wots.

Dr Axxxx Dr Axxxx:. He joins us, a refugee from  the justice of his own kind, bringing the alternate perspective from another place, not at all sympathetic to the vermin infesting his new abode.

Kinkajou Kinkajou Face :. Our warrior and foot soldier, exploring the world to bring us truth and knowledge.

Kinkajou Kinkajou Profile :. Our warrior and foot soldier, exploring the world to bring us truth and knowledge.

Dr XxxxxDr Xxxxx :. Representative of our medical staff.