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I am A Soldier

Welcome to this site which looks at the motivations of aliens on planet earth.



You know me as Erasmus.

I once made a discovery. Things that were happening became known to me.

I realised that what was happening was not a random act of nature.

Actions had been set in course with stealth and determination.

I am a Soldier  I am a Soldier Soldier in Stealth Mode





Alien Visitors

Erasmus Erasmus Profile:. To walk around on planet Earth without bacteria grade isolation protection suggests the aliens have a complete lack of knowledge of the danger they are in and a complete lack of knowledge of what is actually going on in the human population here on earth. Hence their concerns about cancer. Hence their concerns about sterility. And hence their curiosity about how well “hybrids” will do- health and longevity wise.

Dr XxxxxDr Xxxxx :. The reality is likely that Extra- terrestrial human populations are likely just as susceptible as the native human terrestrial population to infection with Paill Spectrum and its related illnesses. They just have never been infected. Light years of space is a very effective quarantine barrier for spread of disease.

Kinkajou Kinkajou Face :. The big issue for human extra-terrestrials is to what extent they managed successfully to ship these illnesses home. I would imagine the designers of these illnesses would hope that they would spread back to “wild” strain extra-terrestrial human populations. A form of vermin control – for out-of-control vermin. And the vermin bring the problems / diseases to themselves unbeknownst with the decades long incubation of most of the illnesses related to Paill Spectrum.

Dr XxxxxDr Xxxxx :. This - The Paill Spectrum and related family of illnesses - are very transmissible and very much designed for stealth.

A visit to planet Earth could well result in the devastation of extra-terrestrial human populations. The stealth organisms operate over decades. It is unlikely any quarantine program would quarantine returning space mariners for a length of time even close to what is needed to save their own populations.

And by the time to disaster becomes obvious, essentially everyone on the planet is infected. The diseases are widespread and the population and biospere of the planet are infested. The LLIAP vector I would not be surprised to see doing well in a spaceship mothership - even for humans living solely in space, not bound to plaentary surfaces.


We were at war.

I am a soldier.

Then I realised how badly we were losing.



But I had seen the enemy's silent and deadly heart.

Let us begin to plan our next confrontation >