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You can help us help the world if you just tell one new person about something valuable you learned on our site.






The EBE Incident:
Extra-Terrestrial Biological Entity

The Commandant : CENSORED

KinkajouKinkajou :The most important thing to achieve is to ensure that the event is not "hushed up" or hidden.

KinkajouKinkajou :My protocol for first contact.
Trust no one, but use “every” one.  Most probable first contact will be an incident or accident.
Photograph as much as possible in as much detail and as fast as possible.

Do the entire scene and then get lots of pictures of small details. 
Do it fast. Time is critical.

Post ASAP to:
Local news media: TV, Radio and newspapers
EnK web site mail:

Make sure that distribution cannot be closed down.

A Bad alien An old "alien"

Call Emergency Services: Police, Fire, and Ambulance: It is best to get as many witnesses present as soon as possible. Tell them there seems to have been an explosion or some sort of accident. There are some sort of bodies / body parts. There is fire. (If needs be, light a rubbish bin so that the story is absolutely true). You want police, fire and ambulance to attend. Lots of armed police is probably a big asset.

You are the person in unofficial “custody” of the site. Make your presence matter. Many others will fight for the right to be in charge. But aim for all people and all reports must come through or to you at some time. Even if you are being sidelined, get names and contact details for the future from anyone and everyone.


KinkajouKinkajou :The most important thing to achieve is to ensure that the event is not "hushed up" or hidden.

Erasmus Erasmus:. This is the rite. Take the name and details of anyone who disputes your findings. Post their names and details immediately to any where you can.  It’s now the world’s problem to sort these people out.

The Greys : aliens A "Grey"- an Alien

Dr AXxxxx Dr AXxxxx. Why? Our EBE’s have a big head start and possibly influential people in places to block dissemination of information. Secrecy is the major weapon of the EBE.

The Commandant The Commandant : Anyone   working to keep the “lid on “what has happened, is an enemy of the human race. They deserve whatever happens to them for their act of treason to humanity. They have betrayed us and assisted in the murder of us all.

No one is to be allowed to obfuscate the scene.
Never accept: "That’s OK. We’ll take care of it from now."

Erasmus Erasmus:. Our rite is to protect the human race and to serve its best interests.  You have initiated an action on behalf of us all. Anyone who proposes secrecy or obfuscation is our enemy. Tell the world. You are not alone. Our enemies define themselves by their actions.

KinkajouKinkajou : Protocol:
Document by picture and messaging of anyone who is causing problems in allowing obfuscation of the site. Disseminate information. Get stuff off site and out of site.
Preferably send someone off to stash some samples and information.
Then and only then confront authorities on site.

Comparison Alien reptilian and Human Reconstruction Reptilian vs Human Scale.

KinkajouKinkajou : Next
Time is critical for this next step. The most critical achievement in the first few minutes of contact is “genetic” intelligence in an accident site.

The process is as follows: Demand that pathology tests and
tissue samples be taken for study and culture. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL.

Information! Knowledge! Intelligence!
Information! Knowledge! Intelligence!
Information! Knowledge! Intelligence!

Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx. Pathology samples need to be taken to work out the osmolality and electrolyte concentrations of victim’s blood. This allows tissue culture media bottles to be set up with the correct concentrations to keep cell samples alive. I would suggest a series of samples at 2.5%% variance progressively from the baseline reading to ensure a cell survival occurs even if the index sample is taken from a damaged or deteriorated “body”, which therefore may not be representative of true values.

Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx. Main parameters to match are Electrolytes, pH, and Osmolality. This is by no means a simple process as much of blood osmolality (a form of pressure formed by particles in a solution), is made up of plasma proteins in the blood. The proteins for human and alien tissue systems are likely incompatible so suitable substitutes need to be found. This could indeed be difficult, though usage of suitably diluted human plasma substitutes, also known as plasma expanders, may work.

 Living cell cultures allow DNA comparisons, microbiological research, and protein research and may provide us with evidence / knowledge of the construction of the aliens, information on their relation to human beings, and importantly information on how they interact with us. 

Goo the Numbat Goo : We have been bombarded with an era of X Files and weird shit. Let’s just grab reality and process it with human science.

Reptilian Alien Reptilian alien : a reconstruction
? truth or fiction.

Information on susceptibilities to injury is also critical for us and much could be gleaned from cell culture research.

Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx. Insist that a pathologist with cell culture experience attend the scene and that appropriate samples are taken.
An autopsy and some X-rays are nice and make good TV, but the critical information is in the DNA.



Erasmus Erasmus:If I was EBE incident controller, a counterattack would be my next step. 
Control the information. Silence Them All. Or in the extreme case off a disastrous exposure, flood the airwaves and scene with readymade bullshit.

Technologies you may face: 
Anaesthetic hallucinogenic gas: If you are feeling warm, realising they are telepathic and feeling a deep feeling of love, you are probably waiting in the queue for surgery.
Insist gas masks are available. A charcoal mask with some ability to neutralise small particles is better than nothing. You really need a toxic fumes mask able to deal with biological molecules.

With an EMF field you can shut off the electrical / nervous systems of people quickly and effectively. There is evidence that the enemy can create high Tesla magnetic fields. Magnetic fields are very difficult to shield against. The main options are very thick metal plates or active magnetic shielding.

The active magnet option is the easiest to deploy, but the building of an appropriate generator is not something that can probably done in an emergency situation unless you are some sort of roving McIvor.

EMF shielding much easier: Wrapping people in aluminium foil would probably achieve your purpose for many EMF fields: depending on frequency of course.
Insist there are armed soldiers or police on site. A long range rifle type of weapon would probably be most useful.


If things are really rocking:
gravity weapon could teach you all to fly,
so make sure people are prepared to tether themselves to the ground.

Artillery with high explosive proximity shells could knock out an enemy rescue craft, through use of the jolt from the explosion shock waves incapacitating craft operators.

Aircraft and non- Diesel vehicles are susceptible to EMF fields. The main usage of aircraft is probably to track enemy air vehicles to bases, so ground operations can be initiated. Most cars and aircraft with electronic operation are likely very susceptible to EMF.


KinkajouKinkajou :
Technology Harvesting
Metallurgic specialists / Chemical Engineer
Purpose harvest metal samples for analysis: Main questions 
Identification of alloys: atomic components, deriving constitution process, identification of magnetic islands in metal indicative of exposure to high intensity magnetic fields.

Critical: identification of transuranic elements even in micromolar concentrations and mapping potential structure /shape of transuranic doping of metal alloys
Dust sampling for transuranic contaminants: likely unstable and noxious so careful. A dust mask will likely protect from this threat.

Beryllium id on site by rapid testing: beryllium lung disease risk demands safety precautions at site by all site personnel: particle filtration masks are again necessary.
Mechanical engineers or airline crash survey teams : assembly of crash components: structure can and does contribute to function , so assembly of crash fragments is important to maximise information retrieval.

KinkajouKinkajou : Finally,
Everything gets released to media. Secrecy is the enemy of us all. We need people to be aware, to be wary and to call in help whenever the enemy’s actions are uncovered.

Erasmus Erasmus:. I know a father once who didn’t talk to the media when his child almost drowned at a school function. After the weekend his child was called to the principal’s office and told not to be hysterical. All to quiet things down and to protect the principal’s reputation by denigrating the evidence of on – site. By not talking initially, the opportunity to make a revelation was effectively lost forever.

You have found yourself in a critical situation. Make sure that action is being taken on tissue and DNA studies. The sequencing of an entire chromosome is simple in this day. What few decades ago cost billions, costs about $30k today.  Information is power. Its maybe our first step back from the brink.


Secrecy is the EBE’s main weapon. Be aware who you may be working for.

OTHER anti EBE Tech
Space Watchdogs.
We need something much like SID – the space intruder detector of the “UFO” series. As the species in charge of the solar system and this planet, we need a method of knowing what is going on in our space.

UFO the TV Series: earth defences UFOs

Friends of mine have told me about pictures of objects orbiting near to the sun. Other people have mentioned the reality of UFOs on earth. Perhaps hoax, perhaps not?

We need to know who is doing what and where? If they are not acting as our friends – it is likely they are not our friends. We particularly require methods for tracking linear gravity bursts as well as very low energy electromagnetic waves. Bring it on – SID.

.UFO the TV Series: the UFO UFO : the TV series

Erasmus Erasmus: .  EMF Generation and Shielding Technology.
The need is to be able to generate very low frequency electromagnetic waves, to shield and deflect electromagnetic waves of very low frequency (photons at very low frequency are in effect are more wavelike than particle like), and incorporation of EMF shielding into engine technology. (Alien contactees routinely report car electronics being frozen- probably due to the knock-out effects of high intensity EMF fields).

KinkajouKinkajou : Officialdom is like to be slow and unimaginative. Most of these idiots have never learned anything that they haven’t been taught.
Erasmus Erasmus:. So you’re saying progress could be slow!


On the Moon : the space race Exploring