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Dr XxxxxDr Xxxxx :. Second stage Paill  infections  have different symptomatology. The next major nexus within the brain connecting to the frontal lobe is the symbolic speech processing centres of the brain. These are the parts of the brain that process sounds and vision into symbols such as alphabet letters or numbers, and vice versa.

The predominant syndrome occurring at this phase is possibly best described as Dyslexia.

Most doctors and most people completely fail to recognise the symptoms. Our site gives you some very basic ideas on how to easily ,(within a few minutes), assess a child’s capacity for symbolic speech processing. The test is simply a memory test. I favour using numbers because there are less rules as to how they may be combined, as opposed to testing the child by asking them to spell words.

Simply ask the child to write down the numbers that you say. Testing reveals consistent patterns of abnormal responses.

Dyslexia in children however also causes characteristic problems in writing and in word recognition.  There are substantial learning problems in these children.  Our tests for dyslexia are clinical “rapid screening tests” that will allow the average adult to check their own child for this condition.  In my experience, the deterioration is very acute. 

They are useful to monitor response to treatment as well.

Dr XxxxxDr Xxxxx :. Other classical syndromes at this stage of infection include:
Anxiety or Depression ( Though these often appear in stage 1 as well).
Schizophrenia and the Psychoses ( Conditions with hallucinations- in general auditory hallucinations, delusions and what I would describe as cross-linked memories).
Disorders of psychosexual development/ orientation where the affected people talk and behave in distinctive and unique ways to other ordinary people.

Goo Goo :. You’ll understand if you’re awake.

Erasmus Erasmus Profile:. Dyslexia is a disease which for most doctors has no definition. In the defence of doctors, there are also lots of paraprofessionals and psychologists with much knowledge (very profitable) but no understanding of the condition either.

Kinkajou Kinkajou Face :. A common description is that these people are “unable to read or write’. Obviously you would just need to teach them better.

Goo Goo :. A better understanding - is that damaged brains don’t work really well.

Dr XxxxxDr Xxxxx :. True, but frightening. Children with dyslexia have a scrambling of their brain’s ability to process symbolic memory. Typically letters and number get confused in their description and get misremembered.

An affected child will have mistakes (typical and recurring) when they try to repeat a sequence of number or language symbols. They also confuse abstract symbols such as:
b = d . . 6 = 9
E = 3 . . 2 = 5
b = p . . 1 = 7

Or just write their numbers or letters backwards or upside down.

Dr XxxxxDr Xxxxx :. It is easy to see these children burn many cycles or brain processing just trying to remember which way the number is up / down or facing. Then to remember sequences becomes a real challenge.


Dr Axxxx Dr Axxxx:. Sequences of action are similarly distorted. Whether this a just a memory effect - or - a distinctive element of the disease remains to be seen.

Dr XxxxxDr Xxxxx :. The Paill Spectrum model of course also predicts that these children may also have Other Symptoms such as are chronic fatigue, tiredness, being sleepy, having memory loss, being clumsy or, easy bruising. 

Nutritional therapy alone can result in substantial improvements in performance over 3-6 months in the school performance of these children. Remedial teaching, tutoring and extra study are the only current treatments for this condition. Often the children are just regarded as naughty and stupid, as their memory problems are not appreciated



Kinkajou Kinkajou Profile :. Summary of Dyslexia and Related Conditions
New Disease Paill Spectrum affects Language in Children: > Dyslexia

((Dyslexia: Children with dyslexia, learning difficulties, spelling problems, maths problems, developmental delay, and school problems may be suffering from the treatable medical condition Paill Spectrum. The Paill Spectrum theory discusses a new theory to explain dyslexia, language difficulties and learning disability in children covering aspects of: symptoms, signs, diagnosis, treatment .Doctors can change many aspects of the disease or illness.))

(( Dyslexia: Children with dyslexia, learning difficulties, spelling problems, maths problems, developmental delay, school problems may be suffering from the treatable medical condition Paill Spectrum. Other terms used to describe this condition may include language difficulties and learning disability in children, poor memory, disability, reading difficulties, spelling errors, writing problems or difficulties, word recognition failure, unable to read or auditory processing deficits))


Dr Axxxx Dr Axxxx:. Paill is just an awesome disease! Striking at the basic building blocks of civilisation- its children. Guaranteeing that they cannot partake.

Erasmus Erasmus Profile:. Dyslexia is a little understood and little appreciated condition amidst the medical fraternity. Doctors are often unfamiliar with how to test for or diagnose the condition. They have never been taught to recognise the illness. Patients are very unwilling to accept that they have any problem at all.
Plus children who have a problem with spelling , have other learning problems as well.

Dr XxxxxDr Xxxxx :. Self Diagnosis of Dyslexia: 
The syndrome of dyslexia is different in children, than in adults.  In adults, the condition is stable, chronic, and persistent, except where a stroke may have occurred.  Strokes are extremely rare in children. The Paill Spectrum disease model states that once the deficits have become hard wired, they are there for life. This injury develops in childhood only, when the developing brain is undergoing its maximum growth and development. Paill like new neural connections preferably. I would guess the wiring process aids bacterial spread. But it could be just that these areas are most susceptible to damage from minor inflammatory events.

Dyslexia tends to be a much more variable and changing condition in children.  Many adults give a history of schooling problems and have had the dyslexia since childhood.  In children, the condition has no known cause and no known treatment.  The Paill Spectrum model of disease suggests that it appears the condition is caused by Paill Spectrum infection.  Dyslexia is usually defined as an "inability to read" in someone who is expected to know how to read. 

(Case II): Paill Dyslexia,

One week the child is the best speller and cleverest child in the class.  The next week, this child becomes consistently the worst speller in the class.  Often mood and personality changes are obvious in acute stages.

Many adults often notice these, but the significance is not recognised.  The condition is critical to recognise, as early-diagnosed cases are very amenable to Paill Spectrum treatment.  This stops the damage process.  With normal growth and development, much of the damage seems to be “grown out of” with time, if the original damage process is halted. 

Dr XxxxxDr Xxxxx :. Dyslexia: New Treatments

The Paill Spectrum model says Dyslexia is an easy condition to diagnose and treat. :-& Most doctors would reliably miss every case they see.

Using the Paill Spectrum model, a diagnosis can be made in minutes by parents or teachers and even doctors.

Currently, specialist neuropsychiatrists document the children's deficits, ( brain damage in the Paill Spectrum model), and still miss the key deficits of the diagnosis of dyslexia.

Most doctors and psychologists have no understanding of what is going on in the children's heads and so are not even aware of what clinical features are critical in making the diagnosis.

Dyslexia is usually regarded as a condition where children cannot read or write. But in the Paill Spectrum model there is a specific reason that the children cannot read or write. This is related to memory dysfunction and cross linking in symbolic speech processing in the brain of the victims.


Dr XxxxxDr Xxxxx :.

Other Symptoms are chronic fatigue, tiredness, sleepy, memory loss, dizziness or loss of balance, clumsiness, easy bruising, aches and pains such as sore elbows, sore chest, abdominal pain and sore Achilles tendons.

Nutritional therapy alone can result in substantial improvements in performance over 3-6 months in the school performance.

Remedial teaching, tutoring and extra study are the only "current" accepted treatments for the condition dyslexia. Often the children are just regarded as naughty and stupid, as their memory problems are not appreciated. Speech therapy may have a role in the treatment of these children but does not address the underlying problems.


Dr XxxxxDr Xxxxx :. Dyslexia Test Sequence:
(The Phone Number Test):

Set up nice quiet place for the test.  Make sure there are no interruptions.  The school age child needs a pen and paper.  The adult giving the test chooses a list of numbers at random and writes down these numbers.  The numbers must be long enough to “stretch” the child’s performance.  For example, use 4-5 numbers for a first-grade child.  Adults need 7-8 numbers to display dyslexic damage. (To test a child, you need to push the envelope of the child's capabilities. Simple forgetting gives a very different pattern of results to Paill Spectrum dyslexia) :-)

Dyslexia Testing
Instruct the child to listen to the entire number, and then to write it down. 
Watch carefully as the child writes the number down.  If the child is very slow, there is a problem.  If the child is writing numbers backward, there is a problem.  If the child flips the numbers in the sequence, but otherwise gets the numbers correct, there is a problem.

Every child with dyslexia pattern responses needs the standard Paill Spectrum clinical assessment and blood test profile done as soon as possible.  Treatment should be initiated as soon as possible.  The condition is characteristic enough that the Paill Spectrum blood tests will usually only confirm the clinical impression of infection.

Many people feel dyslexia is unimportant. Many people feel that it is just a problem with spelling. The Paill Spectrum model says the condition of dyslexia has serious consequences both short term and long term for children. :-& :-[ :-| "" :-]

Child with Dyslexia Unique Outlook




Kinkajou Kinkajou Profile :. What Else Can You Tell Me About Dyslexia? :-X

Dr XxxxxDr Xxxxx :. In the Paill Spectrum Model, Paill Spectrum young children causes severe learning, attention, memory, and behavioural problems.  In an unlucky few with more extensive disease, it causes “short circuits” in the processing of “speech symbols”.  This gives rise to a condition that most people know as dyslexia
Do the test suggested on the web site each few months, because PaillSpectrum Dyslexia develops acutely (quickly) .

(See Case II: Paill Dyslexia at for a typical description of an acute / rapid onset dyslexia).

Unique Perspective in Dyslexia

Dr XxxxxDr Xxxxx :. Prognosis Without Treatment 
Untreated victims of Paill Spectrum have lifelong problems with language and speech.  The Paill Spectrum organism left untreated can cause immense suffering and disability that children do not have to live with.  Dyslexic children become dyslexic adults.  As an adult, they will often end up working in menial jobs throughout their life due to their poor linguistic skills.
Dyslexia is a very poorly identified and poorly managed learning problem in young children.  Many of these Paill Spectrum victims often undergo extensive auditory and Specialist assessments, with no useful result.

The lucky few may receive speech therapy, but many receive no treatment at all.  They become adults who cannot remember phone numbers without scrambling the sequence of numbers.  Many grow into adults who cannot spell and have severe problems with reading and writing.  :-Z

Very Good with Treatment :-)
This Paill Spectrum condition is easily identifiable using a simple clinical test.  The condition responds readily to Paill Spectrum treatment.  (i.e. Nutritional and Antibiotic therapies). Dyslexia isn't just about reading and spelling .


Dyslexia Test Base

Dyslexia Test 1
Dyslexia Test 2
Dyslexia test 2

Dyslexia test resultsd





Dr XxxxxDr Xxxxx :.
Medical Treatment of Dyslexia Like Syndromes in Early Childhood

To assist early childhood educators to identify treatable dyslexia-like symptoms in childhood.

Simple assessment techniques rapidly reveal children who have characteristic, significant, and medically treatable learning disabilities. Nutritional factors important to treatment can often be addressed by the provision of basic information to both parents and children. Medical therapy needs to be followed by intensive education of affected children.

Long term work with Medical Practice patients has allowed identification of a characteristic symptom cluster. Longitudinal case control observations of these identified patients has further identified consistent patterns in responses to treatment. 

Results and Findings:
Simple recall testing of numerical sequences reveals a characteristic pattern of memory errors. These errors are easily identified and are unique to the dyslexia-like symptom pattern identified. The symptom intensity is variable. Many children do not complain of symptoms and cases must be suspected and identified by doctors, teachers, and educators.

Failure to identify affected children results in a very poor outlook for the affected children from their treatable learning disability. Social complications for the affected children also occur. These include: sleepiness, tiredness, poor memory, lower physical activity, mood changes, and irritability. Many of these children will often have low weight in spite of their relative physical inactivity, due to basic underlaying nutritional problems. 
The symptom cluster is associated with a characteristic profile of pathology blood test results.

The challenge in early childhood education is to identify the symptoms  early and to  prevent progressive worsening of the learning disability.

Learn about New Technology in Illness and Human Behaviour. 
WWW.ENKtechs.COM  : "Paill" pages


Dr XxxxxDr Xxxxx :. Case II: Paill Dyslexia

Conclusion: This young girl was the brightest, cleverest and best speller in the class. After an attack of Paill Spectrum Dyslexia, she had extreme trouble remembering words. She improved on Paill Spectrum treatment.
This little girl has presented with acute dyslexia. This is an episode of "2nd wave" damage due to Paill Spectrum infection. There is a background of wheat (gluten) allergy. The condition improved markedly on antibiotics and nutritional therapy.


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