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The aliens associated with the abductee experience and the group not realising they have been abducted, are more generally described as “Greys”. In their contact with us, they tend to demonstrate their superiority. They operate as if they are here to stay. Their pervasiveness and modus operandi suggest that they have permanent bases here on earth and have had these for some time. The “Greys” seem more interested in our biology than our culture.

Dr XxxxxDr Xxxxx :. And that is exactly what you would expect if they are monitoring the effect of Paill spectrum and its related intervention agents.

Goo Goo :. Of more concern is that they may be planning the release of a further intervention agent.

Dr XxxxxDr Xxxxx :. Yes. I personally believe that this may be an activity in process. I believe that there will be a new intervention agent, which I will call “DX”. And I think that the actions of the “Greys” who I believe are responsible for abductions suggest that they are working with this purpose. We’ll talk about this later on, on our site.

Erasmus Erasmus Profile:.If they are still actively undertaking a new intervention – “DX”, it would explain why they still seem to be carrying on experiments on cattle, abductees, with hybridisation and impregnation and of a more sinister note - experiments on other mammals. After all, if you have been here for a long time, and you have no active intervention or action in process, why do you need to keep conducting experiments?

Hybridisation and impregnation would be the first step in field testing your agent.



Goo Goo :. It is the need to achieve that drives activity. If you are here only to watch, and your infrastructure is already set up (having had years to do this), then there is not much to do except sit and watch. But if you need to conduct active experiments as you would with a plan for a new intervention, then you need to be out and about.

Erasmus Erasmus Profile:. A very sobering thought.

Kinkajou Kinkajou Face :. And if they are actively undertaking a new intervention, the fewer people who know about it the better. In fact, their commanders probably would best to not even tell their own staff their intentions. They prefer to mask their true purposes by spouting good intentions. But once the specimens have gone to a remote secure laboratory, where there can be no possibility of communicating to the general human population, that’s where the real purpose is known to a select few researchers and scientists.

 Cattle Mutilation Cattle Mutilation:
odd bloodless incisions and typical cut patterns

Erasmus Erasmus Profile:. Makes sense. Walk around telling everyone how good you are. If you didn’t have that smokescreen in action, every time you are seen, every time you undertake an action, instant antipathy has generated from the local population. And they probably outnumber you millions to one. And all the resources are local, whereas your resources are always hidden and remote. No matter how much of a technological advantage you may have, the locals have an insurmountable logistic advantage if they were to unite and decide to oppose your actions.


Goo Goo :. Let’s move on. Remember our primary purpose here is to look for War-worthy disease bio-technology. A distinct pattern is starting to emerge and not a very pleasant one at that. At least thank heavens, it is all over now. No agency could introduce another efficient deadly killer in this age of technology or science.

Dr XxxxxDr Xxxxx :. Sorry, but there are new footprints out there that suggest different.

Erasmus Erasmus Profile:. What you mean?

Dr XxxxxDr Xxxxx :. Do you really think that they have travelled here across light years of space and many years just to mutilate our cows, because they have nothing else to do?
Erasmus Erasmus Profile:. I’ve never really considered what purpose there really is mutilating cattle. There are lots of stories about the aliens needing hormone extracts or tissue extracts.

Kinkajou Kinkajou Profile :. I think they are not just targeting cattle. I think they are targeting mammals. And their actions suggest a very considered goal or even goals. I can indeed believe they intend to introduce a new agent to the human milieu on this planet. Like you said, call that agent DX .
Erasmus Erasmus Profile:. We can’t really say what they are doing because we have so little evidence. But if you were in their situation, concerned about the outbreak of vermin on this planet, what would you do?

Goo Goo :. We directly have a lot of information about what they’ve done before. As we mentioned many times, serial killers keep to their modus operandi and often reuse their equipment (knowledge). And in this respect, I think we do have an understanding of the likely direction of their actions.

Dr XxxxxDr Xxxxx :. The new disease must be critically life shortening. There are reasons for me to believe it aims to reduce life expectancy to a maximum of 25 years. And I think there is an added bonus with the likely path of infection as well. Accelerated damage to the frontal lobes of the brain starting at an early age are likely to remove the Sapiens honorifics from humanity. No longer Homo sapiens – the wise man, will we be.

I think it likely that the immune suppression approach has been “done to death”. The next most likely approach with DX is to completely bypass the immune system. Hard to believe that there are things more deadly than immunosuppression.

Illness Plague Death
Illness Plague Death

Dr XxxxxDr Xxxxx :. The new disease must be stealthy. A condition which no one realises is progressing. And the new disease must have an accelerated end phase with lethal complications. A lag time between infection and onset of symptoms of decades is in order to achieve this. Humanity will not even be looking for an answer until the disease is well-established and it is too late. An effective chronic and insidious disease. Everyone with long-term infection – all the adults – dead within five years.

The disease must be successful with successful infection rates of a thousand percent – meaning that the average person would catch a disease at least 10 times, and again not die one day sooner.

Erasmus Erasmus Profile:.The delivery system is the problem. And I don’t know anything about the design of the DX package. It is in some ways much like bringing a new product to market where you need to consider: product, price, marketing, and distribution.

Kinkajou Kinkajou Face :. An interesting way of looking at things. Yes you need to have worked out what the deadly agent is: DX in one or even two possible variants. You need to work out how to distribute the agent and the human population. You need to get the agent to the access portal to the human being and then to deliver it to the target organs notably neural tissue in the brain. And you need to do it in a way that is very quiet, insidious – asymptomatic.
Dr XxxxxDr Xxxxx :. It is likely that the package itself could be actually quite small. But there may need to be a more complex delivery system if bacteria are involved and the throat is used as an infection portal.
Erasmus Erasmus Profile:. I always believe that the most lethal circumstances develop as a result of a one-two punch. While looking and researching in one direction, adverse circumstances develop in another. I believe DX would be best implemented as a one-two punch.
Dr Axxxx Dr Axxxx:. I agree a one-two sucker punch end game would be an excellent program to terminate vermin. How would You do a one-two stage program?

Dr XxxxxDr Xxxxx :. First stage in infection would be likely a virus with absolutely minimal symptoms. Something like CoVid would be excellent, with a large range of serovars. This would guarantee everyone catching infection like a cold - year after year – repeatedly. CoVid is too symptomatic and carries too high a death rate to be used as the vector. I think you need something a lot less symptomatic – in short, a lot more like the common cold.

A virus would be an excellent first stage transmission agent.

Structurally :
The virus would need a variable segment for the development of surface markers (serovars) to stimulator immunity. Much like the proteins spike on the surface of the corona-virus. And it needs a well stabilised core segment carrying the viral replication mechanism and control mechanisms. This region needs to be much more stabilised. Overlapping reference frames for RNA/DNA decoding/encoding is an obvious way to prevent minor mutations changing the nature and pathogenicity of the organism. Any mutation in any of the reference frames is likely to completely destroy the pathogenicity of the organism.

Dr XxxxxDr Xxxxx :. I believe the disease would likely target the CCR5 receptor in neural tissue in the nose. CCR5 is an excellent portal for intracellular access.  The virus sets up a very low-grade infection and uploads the DX package up through the nerve fibres into the frontal lobe of the brain. Game over.

It is critical that the infection never achieves significant symptomatology. If CoVid made no one sick and no one died, it would probably have been ignored even if it spun around the planet multiple times infecting everybody again and again.

CCR5 Receptor
CCR5 Receptor

Dr Axxxx Dr Axxxx:. And how would you implement the second phase?

Dr XxxxxDr Xxxxx :. I think the second phase of the DX program would be to have a germ akin to a colonising bacterium for throat tissues. Something well adapted to living on tonsils or in gingival margins.

Logistically, an organism such as a bacteria can carry significantly more DNA programming – than a virus. This extra DNA programming would provide the ability to launch a second DX package (likely with a different core agent and a separate carrier/translocation system) into the bloodstream. I would guess that having some surface structure that allows capture by meningeal tissues/ blood vessels in the brain could guarantee the delivery of the second type of DX into the brain neurones.

This guarantees that in a deteriorating disaster situation, where there is progressive loss of ability to undertake research and investigation, a second agent could be introduced late with similar effects – but negating what has been learned about the first agent in controlling brain injury. There would likely need to be a completely new separate and second strand of research set up to combat the second punch. But there would not be many clever people left to do it.

Also we have guaranteed that the biosphere is saturated with transmission agents and the disease.

A low irritation and chronic bacteria would be essential. Perhaps something with cell walls typical of mycobacteria, which are notoriously immune evading.

Dr Axxxx Dr Axxxx:. The combination of early death, and loss of sapiency from young adulthood would almost guarantee the loss of the human race’s ability to technologically and scientifically address the DX agent.

Goo Goo :. An interesting list of specifications. But the reality is that at this stage it is all just pie in the sky – dreaming. It may never happen.
Dr Axxxx Dr Axxxx:. But the method is sound. Sounds good to me.
So long fuckers! Die Soon!