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Kinkajou Kinkajou Face :. Any more stages of Paill Spectrum infection?

Dr XxxxxDr Xxxxx :. Yes indeed. Lots lots more.
The third stage of the Paill illness involves end organ effects. The nerves of the brain connect to the body. Systemic symptoms appear. Common symptoms focus in the alpha cells of the pancreas, peripheral nerves, muscles and tissues causing tendinitis and myalgias (aches in general), and fatigue especially chronic fatigue.

Goo Goo :. I’ve researched a number of definitions of chronic fatigue from the medical media,, and I’ve included a number of these  definitions of Chronic Fatigue – and included the CDC definition- old and new.

The most intriguing thing to note is something that everyone misses or forgets. Neuropsychiatric, neurological or cognitive symptoms exist in Chronic Fatigue.  And that must be simply because the nerves are involved. Especially that big nerve collection - the brain.

Some End Oorgans

Some End Organs


Dr XxxxxDr Xxxxx :. There is fourth stage to the illness as well. And again, this is something which is often forgotten. The bacteria is an intracellular infecting organism. At times organisms die for any of many reasons. The definition of dying means the organism is unable to replicate itself as an organism and spread it it’s infection. However, even though the organism cannot replicate itself as an organism, the DNA within the cell can persist and can replicate to a variable extent. I call this Noel fragment disease – after the Christmas carol- the last Noel. Noel Fragment Disease is the final phase of the Paill Illness. And probably of many of teh other Paill Spectrumm illnesses as well : all being intracellular.

The activity of persisting DNA fragments would alter cell functions and could even make changes in cell DNA sequences. The likely result of such DNA activity is alteration of cellular growth and replication, but this is especially compounded by immune deficiencies created by the other Paill Spectrum of agents.

DNA and the Angels : an ancient symbolDNA and the Angels : An ancient symbol



Human Chromosomes Human Chromosomes

Dr XxxxxDr Xxxxx :.What follows is the CDC (Centre for Disease Control) definition of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. (Actually this is an old definition that existed about a decade ago, not that the new version is any more enlightening or useful).

For a positive diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, both of the major criteria + at least six symptoms + two physical signs must be present.

Dr XxxxxDr Xxxxx :. Major Criteria:

Dr XxxxxDr Xxxxx :. Minor Criteria: Symptoms






Chronic Fatigue: New Definitions Chronic Fatigue New Definitions

(If you are interested for comparison. It is interesting to note how wrong you can get things, if you have no understanding of what is going on).




Dr XxxxxDr Xxxxx :. I had first discovered Paill, not by considering the Bible but by considering what the answer was for chronic fatigue. What is chronic fatigue? The answer is chronic fatigue is a chronic illness. Paill is the organism causing or triggering many of the symptoms.

I contemplated the horror of realising what was going on and how common it really was.

As I added together the psychiatrically ill people, many physically ill people, people with fatigue symptoms, people with odd irrascible behaviours, children with learning and memory problems, it kept hitting me just how many people were affected. If you then consider its contribution to cell growth abnormalities, homeostasis mechanisms in particular such as weight, the numbers keep on growing even further.

I Began to realise that if you have symptoms, you are just normal. You are the same as everyone else – the only difference being that they don’t realise it yet. An important classical and easy symptom to recognise in a patient, is sweaty palms. For someone with such a minor irrelevant symptom – it actually reveals significant events are in progress.

As a doctor, you begin to consider what an exceptional illness Paill is. You read about its genetic structure and its' junk DNA. DNA which over thousands of years shows no signs of any random mutations or evolution in its structure. DNA which appears to be absolutely critical to the efficient operation of the organism. In thousands of years, nature and random mutation had developed no new variants of the organism. No improvements in thousands of years.

Goo Goo :. Bad luck Mr Darwin.

Erasmus Erasmus Happy:. Why has evolution not broken down the organism?
Dr Axxxx Dr Axxxx:. You begin to appreciate that what you are dealing with is an organism with an engine (DNA) akin to a high-tech high-speed racing vehicle – everything optimised for its performance. Any changes are always harmful and never helpful.
At this point you begin to realize that you are dealing with the fingerprints of high-technology.



Erasmus Erasmus Happy:. The sad issue is that human evolution increases the susceptibility of the population to Paill. Since affected people act impulsively and most likely therefore much more promiscuously, they have more children and the gene frequency for susceptibility genes increases.

Dr Axxxx Dr Axxxx:. What more could you want from an organism designed to stop the spread of civilisation. It not only stops it but changes the population to make them more susceptible, not less.